quinta-feira, janeiro 04, 2007

Sexta 12 e Sábado 13 Janeiro

Sexta 12
Señor Pelota + J:K
André Soares starts his adventure as a dj in 1998 playing in several bars around Lisbon and also at some events. After four year of amateur dj'ing, his alter ego Señor Pelota is born and his work as a DJ starts to pay off. Today he sees himself has a promoter of advanced music, through sets where he explores different languages from electro, minimal, techno, acid house, and digital disco to punk-funk. He surprise the audience because Senor Pelota has no boundaries, anything kind of music can land on his turntable as long as it makes you dance and feel good. Señor Pelota is and obsessive persecutor of new and old tendencies and fusions that make the music of tomorrow. He tries to find the perfect symbiosis to make people have fun and lose their heads, in order to promote not only good music forgetting to promote the “culture clube”. At the moment, Señor Pelota is responsible for the music alignment of Velvet bar (www.velve-bar.com), a small but popular club in the (in)famous Bairro Alto. He also does a monthly appearance at Lounge bar, intituled “So Freshhhhhhhhh!”, where he invites new dj talents to play with him all night long. He is involved in several musical projects like: “Glam Slam Dance” in partnership with dj Mário Valente , “The Affair” with the singer / performer Mariana Norton and the collective “Music Mob dj´s” with dj Vahagn associeted to the label Music Mob. He has spread his peculiar sets in famous clubs all over Portugal: Lux, Op Art, Clube Mercado, Fragil, Cabaret Maxime, Incógnito, Industria (Porto), Maus Hábitos (Porto), Hard Club (Gaia), Office Club (Caldas da Rainha), Marginal (Funchal), Clinic (Alcobaça), Budha Club (Povoa do Varzim), Tamariz (Estoril), Clube da praia (Zambujeira do mar), Horta da Fonte (Cartaxo), T Club (Vilamora), etc… And he also shared the dj cabine with national and international music celebrities like Idjut Boys, Who Made Who, Sasse a.k.a. Freesltyleman, Putch 79, Crazy Girl, dj Periférico, Télépathique, Lady Eyedealism, Dezperados, Disorder, Pink boy, Zé Pedro Moura, Nelson Flip, Anthony Myllard , Stereo Adiction, to name a few.

Sábado 13
Ricardo Manaia + Dj Ride
i'm not going to write this in the 3 rd person so... my dj name is ride, i produce, scratch and spin record's since 2002. Firstly it was strictly hip hop.. turntablism , but then i started to look further in some other and new music directions. Besides my ecletic dj set's, when i mix hip hop, funk soul, break beat, broken beat and sometimes drum n bass, my main thing is performing solo and with bands and producing. My aproach to scratch is a little bit different from what the majority people have. I make real live loops from old records and my own sounds..samples and fuse rhodes, sinths, hammonds, strings and a lot of sound's into my own way. I make live act's with one turntable, mixer and a loopstation, nowadays i use also a laptop, a effects processor, a sinth and a live drummer kicking over my own production's. I perform with the fusionist hip hop jazz project 'Rocky Marsiano' , produced by the greatest D-Mars from Loop Recording's, Spill, from the guitar virtuoso André Fernandes, Beat Bomber's, a kind of turntablism crew with my homie Ovelha Negra, and my solo project's with special guest's. Nowaday's i'm working in my experimental fusionist beat's, i will release something soon.. ride


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é bom saber que continuo a poder comprar as minhas laranjas e maçãs e também algumas mangas e ananás num espaço familiar e acolhedor. Um bem haja!

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