segunda-feira, março 05, 2007

A-TRAK de novo em Lisboa

Aqui está uma breve passagem do discurso de A-Trak acerca da "Catch An Attitude tour" no seu MySpace:

"The next morning I headed to the airport and clearly underestimated the chaos that the Magic trade show and All-Star weekend can simultaneously bring to that place. So there I was, with the "SSSS" branding my boarding card, waiting for the security agents to finish searching every compartment of my belongings as I watched my flight leave without me. The only flight I could take to Portugal that day, as it turned out. So I missed the first show of the Catch An Attitude Tour, the tour that I organized, just like that. Major bummer dudes. Craze, Kid Sister and Floss held it down without me though. Unfortunately on their way to Sweden (where I was meeting up with them ) the airlines lost all their bags. I'm telling you, this tour really started off like a crash course. I'll be back in Lisbon soon for another show. "

Já nos foi dado duas datas desde então... estamos à espera de uma confirmação dos agentes de Kanye West para que tudo fique 100% confirmado! Depois é só festa!!!!!